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Guests that book through Five Star Alliance receive VIP treatment which includes a bottle of prosecco and Venetian sweets. Eurobookings knows that not all things to do in Italy involve recreation, and so many of our listed hotels are business hotels near Italy`s many convention centers, and many of our hotel rooms can be found near Italy`s many airports (From hotels near Caselle Sandro Pertini Airport in the north to hotels near Falcone-Borsellino Airport in the south).Whether in city center or near to the station or airport, Novotel hotels are ideally situated.  Hotel Atlantide is located in the historic center of Venice in a quiet alley, but at same time 1 minute walking to the main Lista di Spagna…Read more , a commercial neighborhood, it is less than a three minutes walking from the Venice Santa Lucia train and equally convenient to the parking garages and bus terminals at Piazzale Roma, permitting easy bus and taxi access to the Venetian airport of Marco Polo as well as that of Treviso.On the scale of fun things, researching and booking places to stay when you travel probably isn`t near the top no matter where you go. In Italy, add to the already not-fun task the fact that a hotel star rating system you think you know turns out to be completely different, and you`re bound to feel frustrated. While many of the major hotel chains are in Rome, the boutique hotels in Rome offer a great value and more authentic charm, so don`t shy away from a hotel you`ve never heard of. The Re di Roma, Hotel Delle Province , and the Eurostars Roma Aeterna are all great choices that earn top reviews from travelers on the lower end of the budget range, while the Starhotels Michelangelo , Hotel Diocleziano , and Albergo del Senato are well-liked on the more expensive side.Italy is a wonderful destination whether you`re planning sporty ski or mountain bike holidays, luxury spa breaks or city tours, and Venere has Italy hotels to suit all tastes and budgets.  Edmondo De Amicis had similar emotions when he wrote in 1906 of his ‘delicious hours.. spent on the terrace of the Grand Hotel Villa Politi - ah this elegant villa that rises above the ancient ruins on rocks used by the Greeks thousands of years ago...Syracuse seen from this terrace seems floating as if sleeps, dreaming on the two thousand and seven hundred years of history”.The fact that Italy boasts more UNESCO World Heritage sites than any other country in the world tells you what a beautiful, history-steeped world you`re about to enter.  I first visited Palazzo Margherita in the 1960s, because I wanted to see the Festa di San Bernadino — something like our own San Gennaro festival in New York`s Little Italy — and was invited to see it from the best viewing point in Bernalda, which happened to be the terrace of the palazzo, then still owned by the granddaughter of the original builder.
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Take a guided tour of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the city`s outskirts, from the opulent Palace of Caserta to the haunting ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum - both buried by Vesuvius in the devastating eruption of 79 AD. Gourmands should make time to try an authentic Neapolitan pizza at one of the many little pizzerias overlooking the Gulf of Naples - where the world`s most famous flatbread was first made.Italy`s rail network is also extremely well connected to the rest of Europe: from Milan and Turin , the Frecciarossa travels through the Alps to Lyon, while TGV goes to Paris Incredibly comfortable trains connect Italy with Switzerland (Florence and Venice to Geneva or Zurich are the most popular routes.) Travel overnight and you`ll go even further with Thello trains linking Milan or Venice to Paris.We`ll give you an overview of the second national religion, Italian soccer We`ll cover some of the idiosyncrasies of the Italian language And then, because you`ve got to eat (and because we`re obsessed with the cuisine), we`ll tell you all you`d need to know about Italian food Our goal is to pass on some of the passion we have for Italy to you, and not only help out with the practical stuff but with the inspirational stuff as well.Between the 17th and the 11th centuries BC Mycenaean Greeks established contacts with Italy 36 37 38 39 and in the 8th and 7th centuries BC Greek colonies were established all along the coast of Sicily and the southern part of the Italian Peninsula became known as Magna Graecia Also the Phoenicians established colonies on the coasts of Sardinia and Sicily.The birth of the Kingdom of Italy was the result of efforts by Italian nationalists and monarchists loyal to the House of Savoy to establish a united kingdom encompassing the entire Italian Peninsula In the context of the 1848 liberal revolutions that swept through Europe, an unsuccessful war was declared on Austria The Kingdom of Sardinia again attacked the Austrian Empire in the Second Italian War of Independence of 1859, with the aid of France , resulting in liberating Lombardy.